Our Free Meetings includes several exciting talks and presentations of original research.  This meeting is packed with great content and plenty of hands on experiences with physics equipment and demonstrations.


Your Demos are welcome!  Not only do we have a series of interesting talks, but our attendees also have a chance to share their ideas.

Why attend?

James Lincoln, Physics Con Director

has been teaching physics for 12 years. He has served as the President of the Southern California chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers (SCAAPT) for three years.

James Lincoln, M.S., M.Ed.  is a 3-time AP Exam Reader, Southern California Physics Teacher Resources Agent, and Master Physics teacher with experience in urban, public, and independent high schools. He has taught at several different colleges and universities through Souther California. 

For four years, Mr. Lincoln and colleagues have led the New Physics Teacher Workshop (NPTW). Mr. Lincoln holds degrees in Physics (B.S.) and Education (M.Ed.) from UCLA and a Master’s of Science in Applied Physics from California State University, Long Beach. When he is not leading workshops and teaching physics to high school students, you will find James working on his AAPT Films Project, a series of professional development videos for teachers. Visit his blog at LincolnPhysics.blogspot.com or watch his videos at Youtube.com/AAPTFilms.

About us

Learn from committed, passionate, experienced physics teachers!

Physics Con is an ongoing initiative to continue the inspiring work of providing educational outreach and  helping physics teachers develop professionally.  

Our mission is to encourage teachers to use hands-on physics experiences and dynamic instructional methods, in their labs and activities.

We are committed to using these tools to develop equitable teaching practices that are responsive to the learning needs of all students.