Lisa Taylor, MS Physics Education

Workshop Leader

Lisa has been teaching physics since 2010 and has taught all courses of AP Physics, even IB Physics! Lisa received her Bachelor's degree in Physics from Loyola Marymount University and began teaching physics immediately. She teaches physics with enthusiasm and energy. At her current school, she also likes to coach cheer and attend the sporting events. 

About us

Learn from committed, passionate, experienced physics teachers!

The Southern California Advanced Physics Teaching Institute is an ongoing initiative to continue the inspiring work of helping physics teachers develop professionally.

Our mission is to encourage teachers to build hands-on physics experiences using dynamic instructional methods, including labs and demonstrations.

We are committed to using these tools to develop equitable teaching practices that are responsive to the learning needs of all students.

James Lincoln, MEd, MS Applied Physics

SCAPTI Director, Workshop Leader

James has been teaching physics for 14 years and has taught all courses in AP Physics. He has been an AP Exam grader and currently serves as Past-President of the SCAAPT and is also the director of the Southern California New Physics Teacher Workshop program.    Currently, James creates videos for Arbor Scientific and writes for The Physics Teacher journal of AAPT.

Bryn Bishop, MEd

Workshop Leader

Bryn Bishop studied physics at UC Davis and began her high school teaching career with the PTSOS workshops. Moving down to San Diego County in 2012, she completed the New Physics Teacher Workshop program. Since 2012, she has been teaching physics, AP Physics B, AP Physics 1 and 2 courses, and now, NGSS aligned “Physics in the Universe." She currently serves as Vice President for High Schools with SCAAPT.


Teachers who have attended our workshops will attest to useful demos, labs, lectures and lessons.

My last 6 years of physics instruction have been a joy for my kids and myself thanks to James Lincoln 

                             - Joseph Calmer, EdD